GTM Transformation

Transform Your Go-to-Market Organization

Evolve to Consistently Grow Profitable Revenue

How do you create a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that consistently exceeds the market growth rate? Leaders across industries now focus on optimizing their commercial models with new pathways for growth and targeted investments. This change is often challenging but necessary to unlock the next level of growth.

Alexander Group provides the expertise, guidance and capacity to put innovative ideas into practice, making sales transformation a reality.

What Makes a Business Model Transformation Successful?

How can you adapt your GTM strategy and revenue motions to ensure you’re setting your company up for success in this change-filled era?

The first step is adapting your commercial organization to meet ever-changing customers’ needs. Alexander Group can help you start your commercial transformation by understanding the buyer journey, determining customers’ needs and identifying the gaps in your organization to formulate and implement a plan of action.

When going through a GTM transformation, your organization needs more than just the right solution. Your transformation plan requires specific actions for success, including:

Active leadership buy-in, support and communication: A business model transformation is a fundamental change in how you operate, and active top-down engagement and leadership are critical for success. However, it continues beyond the executive level, requiring partnerships with cross-functional leaders, including the organization’s first-line sales managers, to demonstrate a commitment to the new strategy.

Effective change management throughout the organization: Significant shifts in job roles and responsibilities, new skill sets and customer interactions require an effective change management strategy and communication across all interested stakeholders. A successful change management plan requires the right tools and checkpoints to operationalize your new strategies and processes. In addition, change management is critical in gaining alignment across stakeholders on the go-forward strategy, structure and solutions. Building visibility and alignment across teams occurs with a cascading communication program that reinforces the purpose. Critical operational changes will determine how each team is directly engaged in the new model, allowing for streamlined execution.

Establish the proper enablement strategy: Align your enablement strategy and effort to the GTM team requirements for a successful transformation. Updating tools, processes, technology and training will support the new operating model. Rules of engagement outlining how all roles interact and work together in the new model are also critical for alignment and scaling the new GTM approach.

Plan for quick wins to celebrate success: A complete transformation is a multi-step process requiring documentation of key wins. Encourage momentum with your teams, and drive visibility of critical milestones, decisions and progress by celebrating success and quick wins during the transformation.

Successful companies revise their GTM models, transforming their sales strategies and revealing new paths to growth with targeted investments. Alexander Group helps drive these transformations forward and unlock new revenue growth potential.

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