Custom Market Studies

Your Sales Compensation Plan as a Competitive Advantage

Custom Market Studies Uncover Relevant & Actionable Market Insights

In today’s competitive market for talent, how you attract, motivate and reward sales talent can be the difference between revenue growth success or failure. Understanding how your sales compensation plans compare to your unique competitors helps you make informed decisions about rewarding your employees.

Alexander Group can reveal how you stack up against the competition by partnering with you to design and execute a custom sales compensation plan benchmarking study. As a management consulting firm that has completed hundreds of surveys, we combine deep sales compensation knowledge with survey design excellence to capture the right information and generate actionable insights.

Custom Market Sales Compensation Studies

Custom market studies capture current sales compensation plan design practices of target companies, including critical, specific topics.

Leveraging Alexander Group’s proprietary, consultant-led sales compensation plan design benchmarking methodology, we offer competitive intelligence that indicates if your sales compensation plan is on target, providing insights on existing challenges and opportunities.

For over 35 years, clients have trusted Alexander Group to provide unique data and insights that help them solve their biggest revenue growth challenges, including sales compensation. As a result, leading companies turn to us to develop custom market sales compensation studies that include:

  • Competitive labor market standing: In a competitive talent environment, how a company rewards its employees is critical in being able to attract and retain top talent. Having visibility into real-time industry practices can ensure you are making the right decisions, increasing your likelihood of attracting and retaining the specific talent required to achieve your revenue growth objectives.
  • Unique or evolving revenue models: Clients with unique revenue models or go-to-market strategies benefit from custom studies. Using our proprietary benchmark database, we target a specific set of similar companies that typically are not available in standard benchmark analysis.

Alexander Group will work with you to design a custom study methodology to answer your most pressing plan design questions. Your market study will focus on the correct industry targets and provide the most relevant findings and comparisons. Our survey methodology includes executive interviews, a customized survey collection form and focus groups as needed. As a result, you will receive insights that serve as the foundation for designing a market-competive sales compensation plans.

Sales Compensation Trends Survey

From revenue growth rates and quota performance to plan changes and costs, this year’s survey will highlight 2023 results and provide input for 2024 plan goals and objectives. Share your insights and receive a complimentary findings report!