Accelerate Revenue Growth with Optimized Pricing

The Power of Pricing

Your pricing significantly impacts the buyers you attract, your customers’ satisfaction and your profitability.

That’s why the strategies and processes you implement to set your pricing should be thoughtful and align with the value of your offerings, the needs and pain points of your different revenue segments and changes in the market.

Alexander Group is your partner in developing a value-based pricing strategy that drives market share growth, enhances customer lifetime value, improves profitability and meets revenue growth goals.

Through a customized approach and practical execution, we can help you determine your prices, decide how to structure your portfolio to optimize price and profit and develop a clear and effective pricing process.

How we help

  • Pricing strategy: Determine your optimal prices and strategy to fuel growth, including value-based, bundling and dynamic models, which include demand, competition, cost of production and customer perception of value.
  • Mix management: Capture increased market share and minimize negative interactions within your portfolio by reshaping your product or service packages. Identify and adjust price gaps between tiers/groups of offers and establish offers by customer segment.
  • Optimization & discounting: Fine-tune your pricing to maximize revenue and identify sustainable promotions and discounts. Align your sales guidelines to the optimal discounting approach.
  • Customer research: Enhance your pricing decisions with customer feedback on offering mix, value, competitors and elasticity. Companies with limited data available use customer interviews and surveys to gain critical VoC insights.
  • Process & tools: Create a functional, automated process that aligns with your unique business needs to validate ROI. Companies benefit from custom tool development, CPQ vendor selection and implementation support, and sales execution.

Pricing Best Practices

Isaac Hausman, principal at the Alexander Group, recently asked that question in an executive interview with Avy Punwasee, partner at Revenue Management Labs. Avy shared some great insights into that question for either cost-based, market-based or value-based models.

When you look at your pricing, it’s absolutely imperative to give customers a very consistent result and give them the expertise at a time when they need it. – Technology VP

Pricing Research & Benchmarking

Get access to the latest research and benchmarks to help shape your pricing model.