The Value of Commercial Analytics

Use Data to Discover Revenue Growth Transformation Opportunities

Commercial analytics has become the cornerstone of sales and revenue strategy and operations. Top companies leverage commercial analytics for many relevant business applications, including:

  • Defining growth strategies and prioritizing investments
  • Refining marketing strategies
  • Organizing, scoring and prioritizing leads
  • Optimizing go-to-market models
  • Establishing revenue and productivity goals
  • Comparing marketing, sales and service costs
  • Predicting future ROI from commercial programs
  • Setting growth and profitability goals and sales quotas
  • Designing sales and incentive compensation programs

Commercial analytics clarifies business risk, helping companies develop strategies that reduce exposure, grow revenue and successfully meet business goals. Alexander Group helps companies use commercial analytics to drive value across the revenue organization, including Marketing, Sales and Service.

How we help

  • GTM model benchmarking: Compare marketing, sales and service organization productivity, efficiency, cost and structure against relevant industry peers and best-in-class organizations. Our projects include over 50 benchmark metrics, tailored insights and recommendations for commercial model improvement.
  • Sales benchmarking: Analyze sales productivity, sales time and sales channels with advanced benchmarking. Compare sales organization growth rates, efficiency, role-specific working times and channel model elements against relevant industry peers and best practices.
  • Marketing performance benchmarking: Compare your marketing spend, return on investment, roles and pipeline against relevant industry peers. We offer over 25 benchmark metrics, tailored insights and recommendations for marketing growth, efficiency and reach.
  • TAM & customer opportunity: Calculate market size and prioritize customers, segments, verticals and geographies to support investment decisions and help capture market share through data-driven modeling. Develop unique insights that reveal untapped opportunities.
  • Pipeline & forecasting: Increase accuracy and pipeline credibility by assessing your forecasting process and identifying the right metrics to align forecasts with actual results.
  • KPIs & dashboards: Identify key leading and lagging indicators to measure the performance of your sales, marketing and service organizations. Create dynamic dashboards for real-time performance monitoring that integrate directly with tools native to your organization.

Your Partner for the Road from Data to Transformation

The long road from data to revenue growth solutions can be intimidating, making leaders hesitant to start their commercial analytics journey. Commercial analytics experts can help you discover:

  1. Benchmarks that drive insights: Resource credible, trusted benchmarks and market practices that apply to your industry and organization. We use a proprietary database of industry-specific commercial benchmarks and sales analytics that are constantly updated to help leading companies transform their revenue organization. Our analytics include thousands of distinct data points on structure, utilization, productivity and revenue growth as the foundation of our industry-specific benchmarks, revealing untapped market opportunities.
  2. Go-to-market strategy: Develop specific goals supported by analytics that drive your business transformation.
  3. Proper execution: Embed newfound data insights and revised strategies into your organization using proven methodologies and best practices that embed commercial analytics into your organization for ongoing success.
  4. Effective organizational change: Address your organizational change imperative to reflect analytics-driven operations.

Alexander Group can help you rethink your commercial analytics program, accelerate organizational change, drive revenue growth, improve your competitive standing and align your operations with your strategy.

We participated in Alexander Group’ s research and found it incredibly valuable to see our data on a number of important sales performance KPIs benchmarked against highly-relevant peer comparisons. We used these results, and the insights from Alexander Group, to help guide our GTM strategy design and fiscal year planning process. – Technology SVP Sales Operations
Alexander Group has a lot of research. When they brought forward our recommended plan, it had a lot of data behind it, saying, “Here are other organizations in your space that have experienced this. And here’s how they solved the problem.” – Media CRO

How Does Your Organization Compare to the Industry?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations to benchmark trends, best practices and challenges in the market today.