Annual Planning

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Organizations must continue evolving to align with changing markets, dynamic customer needs, internal organization change, and organic and inorganic growth.

However, annual planning can be a taxing exercise on revenue, commercial and sales operations teams. Planning requires significant preparation and proper sequencing of key activities to ensure next year’s plan properly aligns with your company’s business strategy and associated financial goals.

Alexander Group guides organizations through the annual planning process to ensure they stay on target with their revenue growth goals.

Plan for Success

Annual planning sets the tone for the upcoming year and ensures that your go-to-market model aligns with business strategy and achievement targets. Alexander Group typically works with revenue leaders across four key categories of the annual planning process:

  1. Set the Strategy – Align the vision and commercial strategy for the upcoming year
  2. Define Gaps – Understand what the organization needs to improve or optimize to execute the strategy
  3. Design Solutions – Work with cross-functional teams to develop detailed solutions for the known areas of opportunity
  4. Implement and Communicate – Roll out messaging to the field, set quotas, post and hire for new job roles

A well-executed annual planning process includes a complete evaluation of each of the following revenue model components:

  • Strategy that identifies revenue segments, value propositions and defined revenue motions
  • Structure that includes channel coverage, organizational and job design, and sizing and deployment
  • Management that encompasses the required talent, skills and supervision, productivity and quota metrics, and sales compensation design

Revenue leadership typically guides the planning process. However, including Revenue/Commercial/Sales Operations, Marketing, Services, Finance, IT and other cross-functional resources ensures an integrated plan with higher likelihood of buy-in and success.

Communication throughout the planning phase sets checkpoints and tests ideas during design. During the rollout, there must also be a communication cascade to ensure the executive level is on board, followed by onboarding by the next management layer.

Organizations should also identify the quantitative KPIs they will target and track throughout the year. By identifying metrics such as revenue growth or profitability targets, customer satisfaction scores or seller productivity, organizations can more efficiently monitor progress regularly and assess any need for adjustments.

Alexander Group can help guide your organization through a best-in-class annual planning exercise to ensure you have a clear roadmap for success in the upcoming year.

Revenue Growth Model ™
Revenue Leadership
Revenue Segments
Value Propositions
Revenue Motions
Channel Coverage
Organization & Job Design
Sizing & Deployment
Talent, Skills & Supervision
Productivity, Quotas & Metrics
Compensation & Rewards
Revenue Enablement: Operations Process & Digital Technologies

Revenue Segments

  • What are our best revenue opportunities — defined by customers, products, channels?
  • Do we know revenue segment potential?
  • How much revenue can we capture?

Value Propositions

  • Do we have effective value propositions by revenue segment?
  • Do we have sales messages tuned to the revenue segments?

Revenue Motions

  • Do we have the correct sales motions?
  • Do we have the correct marketing motions?
  • Do we have the correct service motions?

Channel Coverage

  • Are we employing the optimal use of direct, inside and channel routes to market?
  • Are sales investments focused on the right customers?

Organization & Job Design

  • Do we have the right sales roles?
  • Is each role clearly defined based on product, process and customer focus?
  • Is our sales management structure aligned to our needs?

Sizing & Deployment

  • Do we have the right sales force size?
  • Are deployment ratios for pre-sales, post-sales and specialists appropriate?
  • Is our manager span of control correct?
  • Are territories well-defined and balanced?

Talent, SKills & Supervision

  • Do we effectively attract and recruit talent?
  • Do our sales onboarding and training programs successfully ramp new hires?
  • Are our managers equipped to coach?
  • Do we manage out poor performers?

Productivity, Quotas & Metrics

  • Do we track the right metrics to manage sales productivity?
  • Do we have an effective quota system?
  • Do we have accurate and impactful reporting?

Compensation & Rewards

  • Are we measuring and holding accountable the right selling behaviors?
  • Do we have aligned and effective rewards and sales compensation programs?

Revenue Enablement: Operations, Processes & Digital Technologies

  • Have we made the right investments in sales operations given our goals?
  • Is our sales operations function organized for success?
  • Do we effectively employ CRM and SPM?

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