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XaaS Research: Revenue Models and Productivity

Set the Rules for Winning

XaaS market leaders are growing revenue from existing customers by more than 20% every year. It’s evident that in today’s customer-centric environment, identifying and landing a prospect is no longer sufficient. New XaaS revenue models require post-land investments across the entire customer life-cycle and are critical for continued growth and scale.

While uncertainty across the value chain makes long-term planning challenging, there is a way to learn what go-to-market practices XaaS companies are leveraging to exceed the rule of 40.

100+ tech executives were recently interviewed and shared best practices and benchmarks on new account acquisition and maximizing customer lifetime value for XaaS growth and margin.

Learn what they are doing to:

  • Drive efficient new logo acquisition
  • Maximize customer adoption
  • Expand existing accounts via effective up & cross-selling
  • Grow net revenue retention via renewals

Discover where you stand against 30+ industry benchmarks including:

  • Seller productivity (bookings, quotas)
  • New customer acquisition costs & qualitative practices
  • Support headcount ratios/costs
  • Net revenue retention
  • Expense/revenue ratios
  • Pay levels

What go-to-market practices will your company leverage?

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