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Service Processes & Execution Support Scalable Growth

Service Process Execution to Maximize ROI

Do you have well-defined, documented, clear and consistently adopted service processes across roles? Do you have defined responsibilities and rules of engagement for Marketing, Sales and Service to work together?

Companies often have ideas of the ideal approach but rarely have the strong execution to support their revenue and commercial teams to meet revenue goals.

Alexander Group helps companies develop work processes that ensure proper execution and well-documented job roles that clarify your marketing, sales and service team’s expectations.

A Well-Defined, Actionable Service Process is Critical

Implementing consistent service processes and motions is critical for the successful execution of your overall Services strategy. The process should highlight roles and responsibilities to drive customer satisfaction and revenue retention. In addition, a clear process will support seamless transitions and feedback between teams – both within the service team and across the marketing, sales and product teams.

Your Service strategy depends on seamless transitions and feedback between marketing, sales and service teams. Consistent and clearly defined processes help these teams coordinate work and deliver results that drive customer satisfaction and revenue.

Service team responsibilities may include:

  • Pre-sales: Will your service reps have pre-sales responsibilities? For example, will they determine offerings for specific customers, conduct lead generation and qualification, or quote on additional products and services? What are your handoff points with the sales teams? Will your service teams work with Marketing on top-of-funnel activities?
  • Sales & Marketing: Should your service reps be involved during the selling stage of the process? Will they handle inbound requests through digital channels? How will they partner with the sales team? How will customer insights and service feedback be shared from Service to Marketing and Sales?
  • Post-sales: Which service motions is the service team responsible for, including customer onboarding and implementation, customer service and support, or break/fix maintenance? Is your service team responsible for post-sale activities? What type of customer support will they provide, and how will this differ by customer segment? Will the service team be accountable for identifying upsell or cross-sell opportunities or participating in renewals?
  • Performance monitoring: Do you have quantifiable targets and KPIs to measure the success of service execution, including the number of work orders completed, number of service tickets closed, time to respond, first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction scores?

Addressing these issues requires:

  • Documented process phases, stages, steps and detailed activities
  • Confirmation of all roles involved with detailed rules of engagement
  • Tools and templates required at specific steps
  • Exit criteria required to proceed to the next stage of the process
  • Playbooks outlining work processes, rules of engagement and defined responsibilities

Alexander Group works with you to build your Service process steps that support cross-organization collaboration, defined responsibilities and proper execution to ensure revenue success.

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