Marketing Performance/ROI

Measuring Marketing Performance

Maximizing the ROI of Marketing Investments

Organizations are under constant pressure to generate revenue and grow their business. In order to do this, they need to execute marketing motions that will help them reach their target audience and convert them into paying customers.

However, many organizations struggle to execute revenue marketing motions effectively. Reasons include lack of resources, lack of knowledge and lack of coordination between different teams, ultimately missing out on opportunities to grow their business and generate revenue. And while Marketing has long used campaign and engagement metrics, evaluating the true return on investment has remained elusive.

Alexander Group helps companies ensure optimal marketing performance by executing the right marketing motions backed by key performance metrics.

Key Initiatives to Measure Marketing Performance

Organizations must provide the right resources to execute revenue marketing motions effectively. They must also ensure their teams are coordinated and working together towards common goals. With the right approach, revenue marketing motions can be a powerful tool for organizations to grow their business.

Executing revenue marketing motions remains challenging, requiring aligning disparate teams and organizational functions to work together towards a common goal. Still, measuring and tracking revenue marketing progress and success can be difficult.

Without clear metrics, it can be hard to tell if revenue marketing efforts positively impact the bottom line. In addition, Revenue Marketing can be expensive, and organizations need to be sure they are getting the most optimal return on their investment.

How are leading marketing organizations optimizing their marketing performance and accelerating return on investment? Key initiatives include:

  • Content Performance Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign and Channel Contribution
  • Marketing Lead Source and Win Rate Optimization
  • Funnel Fallout Assessment
  • Prospect and Account Coverage Analysis
  • Marketing Diagnostic Findings and Recommendations

Alexander Group can help you define the right metrics to ensure you get optimal performance from your revenue marketing investment.

New Research: Marketing Insights Study

Alexander Group recently interviewed 150+ marketing executives across industries to share data, insights and viewpoints on current marketing challenges and priorities including segmentation, channels, data, tools and organizational ecosystems.