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Marketing Blueprint for Revenue Growth

Create the Blueprint to Advance the Vision

Today’s buyers expect interconnected, relevant, timely interactions across organizations’ digital and physical interaction points. As a result, leading marketing organizations align experiences across touchpoints in the customer journey and internally across product, sales, service and support teams. Leading marketing organizations are also translating customer experience into profitable growth vehicles for their organizations.

How well is your marketing organization enabling the customer journey and driving revenue growth?

Alexander Group helps clients identify the key factors limiting the effectiveness of their marketing organizations. In addition to insights on the latest practices of modern marketing organizations, we use our proprietary benchmarking database to help clients understand how they compare to the market and build a successful marketing strategy blueprint.

Whether these gaps stem from needing the right marketing strategy, gaps in marketing processes, misaligned functions or jobs, Alexander Group can help your leadership team identify the underlying issues and build a blueprint for the future.

Building the Blueprint for a Modern Marketing Organization

Marketing organizations face dynamic challenges across industries to increase market access and integrate customer experiences across sales, service and product organizations while showing marked performance on investments. As a result, executives across industries expect marketing leaders to be in the driver’s seat to integrate sales, service and product teams.

Clients will look to advisors to help them solve some of their toughest challenges, including the ability to:

  • Understand, find & grow customer segments: Across industries, evolving preferences have created highly informed buyers seeking critical outcomes with expectations in pricing and quality. In addition, customer privacy and policy shifts now limit data accessibility, while emerging channels are gaining traction in social media, virtual reality and voice recognition services.
  • Adapt to the challenging multi-channel nature of customers: Multimodal interactions have created buyers who expect relevancy across hybrid experiences. In addition, customers now require access to seamless, one-to-one conversations across the organization.
  • Scale and generate consistent results: The emergence of direct and indirect buying ecosystems is commonplace, requiring marketers to produce results amidst growing complexity.

How are leading marketing organizations upgrading their commercial models, staving off competition and increasing profitability? Key initiatives include:

  1. Digital and self-service coverage models
  2. Unifying marketing and digital platforms to scale operations
  3. Maximizing direct and indirect ecosystems
  4. Talent to drive market gains
  5. Adaptable marketing, sales and service plays
  6. Revenue, growth, velocity and yield

While the initiatives and aspirations may be clear, the blueprint for executing has evolved. Alexander Group helps marketing leaders build their marketing organization of the future through a comprehensive diagnostic and future-state marketing blueprint. This blueprint develops the marketing strategy, improves performance and processes and creates a best-in-class marketing structure to support effective execution.

New Research: Marketing Insights Study

Alexander Group recently interviewed 150+ marketing executives across industries to share data, insights and viewpoints on current marketing challenges and priorities including segmentation, channels, data, tools and organizational ecosystems.