Marketing Performance Benchmarking

Optimize Your Marketing Engine with Relevant Benchmarks

Benchmark Data & Insights to Reveal Untapped Opportunities

Data-driven decision-making is a requirement for commercial growth. But how do you know if you are using appropriate data – in the right context – that reflects your customer preferences and market standing?

The key is pairing industry-specific benchmarks and analytics with a clear marketing strategy to answer these questions:

  • Customer segmentation & targeting: How do we prioritize customers in each segment to identify the highest potential new and expansion revenue?
  • Buyer personas & value drivers: How do we differentiate and define messages that benefit our customers?
  • Voice of Customer (VoC) research: Which strategic markets and buying groups are critical to drive profitable growth?
  • Marketing motions: Which marketing activities and channels are critical to creating profitable revenue growth?
  • Marketing data, tools & processes: What data, tools and processes are necessary to drive marketing across markets and the organization?
  • Marketing structure & jobs: How many marketing resources are required to enter a new market, win against the competition or launch a new product?

Alexander Group leverages key marketing benchmarks to assist clients in optimizing and redesigning their marketing organizations. Our proprietary industry benchmark metrics allow you to compare the productivity, structure and headcount, cost, reach and return on investment of your marketing organization to a relevant cohort of industry peers, diagnosing areas of inefficiency across your marketing funnel and beyond.

Data-Driven Insights for Marketing Organizations

Alexander Group works with you to compare to relevant, industry-specific marketing benchmarks that drive your organization to overcome challenges which include:

  1. Adapting to evolving preferences: Consumers are highly informed, using new engagement channels and are increasingly outcome and value-driven. These factors increase the importance of understanding customer needs and engagement preferences.
  2. Improving multi-modal interactions: Buyers expect relevancy across hybrid experiences and require access to one-one conversations. These preferences complicate channel engagement, forcing marketing organizations to react swiftly to dynamically evolving customer needs.
  3. Optimizing marketing investment: Market dynamics create oscillating budgets, technology ecosystems are increasingly vast and complex, and talent is scarce and hard to retain. These scaling pressures complicate the investment process, leaving marketing organizations wondering which areas will create a return and generate results.

Alexander Group provides a broad suite of marketing organization design offerings supported by our proprietary benchmarks of over 25 metrics. Our insight-driven benchmarking process allows you to compare these metrics to a relevant cohort of peer companies, granting you a data-driven understanding of your marketing strategy, structure, cost and productivity across metrics, including:

  • Productivity and pipeline health
  • Marketing structure and headcount
  • Marketing cost and return on investment
  • Commercial sales and margin growth
  • Investments in Marketing tools and technologies

Using specific data and appropriate context, we work with you to evaluate your marketing and customer needs to make well-informed decisions that drive commercial success.

How Does Your Organization Compare to the Industry?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations to benchmark trends, best practices and challenges in the market today.