Territory Optimization

Thoughtful Sales Territory Design Enables Seller Success

Designing Sales Territories that Drive Results

Sales territory design and management can make or break a seller. When organizations fail to distribute opportunities equitably, top talent risks falling behind and motivation declines for all sellers, often resulting in missed quotas.

Sales organizations that thoughtfully design and optimize sales territories can realize a 10%-20% increase in sales productivity. Alexander Group helps organizations design territories that optimize sales performance.

Optimize Your Territory Design Strategy

Territory creation is critical to the success of any sales organization. However, best practices favor higher-priority sales initiatives. Alexander Group offers an objective, data-based assessment of your organization’s current-state territories and will develop a tailored plan to equitably distribute opportunities and help to maximize your return on seller investment.

Alexander Group deeply understands the nuances within each sales organization, taking clients through a three-stage process to build their best-in-class territories that include Assessment, Design and Implementation/Change Management.

1. Assessment: The assessment phase of the engagement is crucial to understanding how your organization operates today and your priorities moving forward. During this phase, our consultants focus on these questions.

  • Objectives: What are your organizational goals for the upcoming fiscal year? Are you looking to expand your headcount? Are you looking to offer industry or product specialization?
  • Headcount: Are you looking to grow your salesforce, maintain or reduce headcount for each sales and support role?
  • Deployment: Are your current resources deployed in the best way? Is there an opportunity for further role specialization?
  • Current state: Are there substantial performance gaps? Are those gaps corresponding to existing territory scores?

2. Design: During the design phase, Alexander Group will create a comprehensive future state territory build rooted in the findings of the completed assessment. The design is highly interactive and iterative and spans multiple objectives:

  • Territory deployment: How does your organization assign accounts to sellers? Do you want them to own a physical patch of land, a concrete list of accounts or do you fall somewhere in between? What metrics are critical to your organization for a successful territory?
  • Change management: How much disruption are your sellers able to handle? How much of your current state account lists are you looking to maintain? How can you keep top performers as happy and productive as possible?
  • Leadership input: Assess the legitimacy of outliers and iterate based on feedback from leadership. Work with designated sales leadership to refine nuances and error-proof the territories for the upcoming year.

3. Implementation: Once the final iteration of territories is approved, Alexander Group can remain engaged to ensure the successful deployment of your redesigned territories.

Alexander Group leverages proven methodologies, thorough research and the perspectives of the most successful organizations to streamline the territory design process. We have flexible implementation offerings to ensure your sales organization is enabled correctly and ready to exceed quota.

Need Help with Your Territory Optimization?

Experts at the Alexander Group can help you build, improve and maintain your sales organization to increase revenue growth.