Industry Focus: Private Equity

Partnering with private equity to improve portfolio company revenue growth and value

Drive top-line growth and protect the bottom line with sales strategy, talent and execution alignment.

As a private equity leader, you are responsible for making smart investments and managing your portfolio companies to drive growth – and ultimately a positive return on investment.

A strong sales organization will provide you with a competitive advantage and become a critical growth engine. Depending on your portfolio requirements, we can help you in the following key areas:

  • Sales Due Diligence: You need subject matter expertise and benchmarks to evaluate a target company’s sales effectiveness, leadership, structure, cost, sales pipeline value and management practices.
  • Sales Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of the portfolio company’s sales strategy and execution will provide you with concrete, prioritized and actionable recommendations to increase sales productivity.
  • Sales Force Transformation: Occasionally a portfolio company’s sales organization requires a major overhaul. We work alongside your executive management team to redesign and implement a new go-to-market strategy and sales model.

You will benefit from Alexander Group’s deep functional expertise in sales, our robust sales benchmark database and our client network to solve complex growth challenges and optimize portfolio company value across a wide range of industries. Contact us today.

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