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Set the Agenda for Value Creation

The Shift to Go-to-Market Performance

The level of investment caution has increased due to economic uncertainty, inflation and rising interest rates, leading to slow deal volume.

As a result, the focus on commercial diligence and value creation has now shifted to optimizing portfolio companies’ go-to-market (GTM) strategies. The challenge? Getting the management team to think bigger.

Deal and operations teams must convince management to invest in the talent and new GTM models needed to deliver aspirational growth.

  • Is the commercial organization aligned to the markets and segments where they have a right to win? Are they positioned to win customers that will deliver the needed unit economics?
  • Do they leverage the right mix of motions, channels and roles to win more than their fair share?
  • Is the model effective and efficient? Will it scale?
  • Are there any people, processes, technology or other deal model inhibitors?
  • Does the business have the leadership and talent in place to enact change and deliver growth?

Private Equity (PE) operations teams and portfolio company management must be agile with value creation plans. They must be prepared to pivot their teams quickly to respond to downturns and capitalize on growth.

Alexander Group works with deal and operating partners and portfolio company leaders to assess, design and implement revenue growth solutions that drive real impact throughout the entire PE lifecycle.

How We Help

  • Commercial diligence: Answer diligence questions related to the marketing, sales and service organizations. Determine if the target company has the commercial model needed to bring the deal thesis to life. Scope the future state, produce a financial business case, deliver an initial view of a commercial value creation plan.
  • Value creation plan & execution: Determine the critical steps to engage and win over the management team within the first 90 days. These include strategic planning sessions, a structured, codified onboarding process, and defining commercial opportunities, metrics and benchmarks.
  • Sales optimization: Address a portfolio company’s specific sales effectiveness challenge. Common issues include segmentation and coverage, sales process and pipeline management, territory calibration, talent optimization and sales compensation.
  • Marketing & demand generation blueprint: Evaluate current and new markets and areas of opportunity. In addition, optimize marketing channels, mix and return.
  • Pricing: Build a differentiated pricing capability by determining which offers have greater value and how price can align, moving from blanket price increases to trailing/deploying differentiated pricing, and setting new pricing/discount guidelines for specific segments, based on likely pricing impact.
  • Change adoption: Develop multiple dimensions for successful implementation and change adoption through sales playbooks, sales enablement, collaborative launch design, communication process and decision support through data and operations support.
  • Profitable growth: Tune up the go-to-market model and performance, and ensure the portfolio company is lean, focused and sustainable leading up to exit.

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