Revenue Growth Blueprint

Optimize Your Commercial Model with the Revenue Growth Blueprint

Balance Revenue & Profitability with a Proven Plan for Growth

As sales organizations grow and market dynamics change, companies must evolve their go-to-market (GTM) strategies to balance revenue, growth and profit. This balancing act requires a customized approach and re-thinking of how the organization “sells” – reflecting your stage of growth, industry and target market.

Get answers for your specific revenue growth objectives with the Alexander Group’s Revenue Growth Model™ blueprint. This blueprint uses quantitative analysis, our proprietary benchmarks, the latest insights from your industry, proven client results and the right level of engagement with your team to reveal what’s possible.

Revenue Growth Model ™
Revenue Leadership
Revenue Segments
Value Propositions
Revenue Motions
Channel Coverage
Organization & Job Design
Sizing & Deployment
Talent, Skills & Supervision
Productivity, Quotas & Metrics
Compensation & Rewards
Revenue Enablement: Operations Process & Digital Technologies

Revenue Segments

  • What are our best revenue opportunities — defined by customers, products, channels?
  • Do we know revenue segment potential?
  • How much revenue can we capture?

Value Propositions

  • Do we have effective value propositions by revenue segment?
  • Do we have sales messages tuned to the revenue segments?

Revenue Motions

  • Do we have the correct sales motions?
  • Do we have the correct marketing motions?
  • Do we have the correct service motions?

Channel Coverage

  • Are we employing the optimal use of direct, inside and channel routes to market?
  • Are sales investments focused on the right customers?

Organization & Job Design

  • Do we have the right sales roles?
  • Is each role clearly defined based on product, process and customer focus?
  • Is our sales management structure aligned to our needs?

Sizing & Deployment

  • Do we have the right sales force size?
  • Are deployment ratios for pre-sales, post-sales and specialists appropriate?
  • Is our manager span of control correct?
  • Are territories well-defined and balanced?

Talent, SKills & Supervision

  • Do we effectively attract and recruit talent?
  • Do our sales onboarding and training programs successfully ramp new hires?
  • Are our managers equipped to coach?
  • Do we manage out poor performers?

Productivity, Quotas & Metrics

  • Do we track the right metrics to manage sales productivity?
  • Do we have an effective quota system?
  • Do we have accurate and impactful reporting?

Compensation & Rewards

  • Are we measuring and holding accountable the right selling behaviors?
  • Do we have aligned and effective rewards and sales compensation programs?

Revenue Enablement: Operations, Processes & Digital Technologies

  • Have we made the right investments in sales operations given our goals?
  • Is our sales operations function organized for success?
  • Do we effectively employ CRM and SPM?

RGM Blueprint Drives Growth

How do you create a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that consistently exceeds the market growth rate?

Leaders across industries now focus on optimizing their commercial models with new pathways for growth and targeted investments. However, it remains difficult to stay competitive without a proven blueprint that paves the way for transformation.

Alexander Group’s Revenue Growth Model™ Blueprint will help you create a plan to drive sustainable revenue growth and enhance profitability. The diagnostic will highlight the current challenges and opportunities for your specific organization. The blueprint then provides prioritized recommendations to address gaps and optimize a future state commercial model across strategy, structure and management.

The blueprint includes an initiative roadmap, a list of core initiatives that drive top-line growth prioritized by the degree of impact, cost and effort, timing and feasibility. The blueprint also includes a financial business case used to estimate cost and top-line uplift associated with initiatives and future changes.

The Alexander Group’s Revenue Growth Model™ Blueprint provides the foundation for change tailored to your specific sales transformation goals. It sets the stage for answering:

  • Which customer segments should you target?
  • How should you approach customers in those segments?
  • How should you adapt your value propositions to demonstrate your right-to-win?
  • What is your business’s right channel mix, jobs and organizational structure?
  • How many resources are required for you to execute successfully?

The blueprint will provide the steps you need to transform your GTM strategy with a comprehensive business case outlining your ROI. In addition, you will have timeline actions for execution and clarity on the tactical next steps.

Throughout the process, Alexander Group will engage with your teams in the right ways to ensure a collaborative, grounded approach supported by our expert knowledge to help you achieve your revenue growth and profitability goals.

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