Meet the Team

Alexander Group’s team defines who we are as a firm. We share a vision of abundance and thrive in an environment that supports professional and firm growth. Meet a few of our team members and what they say about Alexander Group, the culture and the work they do each day.

“The opportunity to engage with board members, CEOs, CFOs and global sales leaders is immeasurable. It’s excellent to have a chance to conduct interviews with these stakeholders because it gives you an opportunity to see the vision that they have for their organizations as well as present recommendations, which allows you to ultimately have a hand in shaping the strategy and the direction that the organizations will ultimately take. Working at the Alexander Group has also given me the chance to travel globally. I’ve been to the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, multiple places in the Middle East and Singapore. So, it’s been excellent, having the chance to experience different types of cultures as well.”

– Dashon Catlett, Director, London

“Consulting is a people business and at Alexander Group you get to work with great people both internally and externally. We enjoy our colleagues. We work with a bunch of smart, interesting, fun people, and then you get really good access to leadership at Alexander Group. In addition, it’s the people you work with on the client side. You are client-facing from day one. You get to engage with high-level leadership, presidents, CEOs, VPs of sales and that type of exposure, you may not get at other firms.”

– Avrille Hanzel, Manager of Consulting Enablement, Chicago

Parker Hoffman-Alexander Group, Inc.

“My favorite project so far at Alexander Group is one where we did a big change for a large company on a global scale. We worked hand-in-hand with the COO of a global tech company as they merged to create a $10 billion global firm. During the project, we conducted regional workshops in Singapore, London and New York to find synergies and opportunities as a harmonizer global go-to-market structure.”

– Parker Hoffman, Manager, Atlanta

“The team at Alexander Group has been my key to success. I’ve worked with really awesome people, and they made my transition to Alexander Group really easy. Firm and project leaders are always accessible to answer questions and problem-solve with me, but they’ve also given me the runway to figure things out on my own and allowed me to own certain work streams and deliverables, which helped me to grow quite a bit.”

– Kelly Rue, Director, San Francisco

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