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Corporate and consumer wellness companies face constant challenges in meeting evolving customer demands. Common challenges include:

  • Evolving programs: Providers are developing new programs, updating existing ones and integrating new technologies to provide personalized, interactive and engaging customer experiences.
  • Differentiated marketing practices: To remain competitive and stand out in a crowded marketplace, wellness companies must develop unique and effective marketing strategies that resonate with consumers and effectively communicate the benefits of their programs.
  • Quality service at an affordable cost: Attracting customers requires providing quality services at affordable prices. Therefore, wellness companies must find ways to reduce costs, promote efficiencies and provide high-quality, high-value programs and services.

Alexander Group helps wellness companies navigate these challenges by providing corporate and consumer wellness expertise. Our first-party benchmarks offer guidance on cost containment and operational efficiency to ensure companies can provide high-quality programs at an affordable price.

How We Help

  • Commercial model transformations: Assess, develop and implement growth readiness roadmaps by analyzing market opportunities, identifying key growth drivers and prioritizing initiatives that align with your go-to-market strategy. Ensure that you are well-positioned for sustained revenue growth and profitability. Structure your sales, marketing and service organizations to win in your market and new markets.
  • Improve profit & productivity: Calibrate growth to market value and expand profit-driving products while paring back low-value products.
  • Focused commercial model improvements: Accelerate revenue growth by improving select areas of your payor commercial model that require optimization. Redesign sales roles and enablement programs. Enhance Marketing strategy and structure. Improve revenue operations, lead generation, segmentation and targeting, job architecture and enablement programs that drive productivity.
  • Align sales compensation: Establish sales compensation programs that support shorter planning cycles, new digital product offerings and cross-sell/upsell opportunities.
  • Customer experience: Deliver seamless customer experiences across physical and digital interactions to improve revenue growth, market share and customer satisfaction.

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