Customer Experience Survey

How are commercial leaders delivering best-in-class customer experience (CX) by assessing their customer strategy, priority initiatives and investments?

An organization’s CX strategy typically incorporates the following:

  • Establishes organization wide CX governance and vision: Unified strategy andculture through designated CX team and an agile process to effectively respond tocustomer needs across the buyer journey.
  • Enhances operational capabilities to deliver quality CX: Targeted investments in people, process and digital tools to align delivery to customer expectations.
  • Provides understanding of evolving customer needs: Developing actionable insights through customer data and feedback to inform the CX strategy.
  • Links customer experience to both customer and vendor ROI: effectively using insights generated from customer data to realize value for the customer, and deliver value back to the vendor.

Join the survey and provide your insights for driving best-in-class CX strategies.


Participants will receive a complimentary report of the survey findings including best practices on investments and priority initiatives planned to achieve quality CX and a breakdown of best metrics and tools to understand customer behaviors and interactions.

Customer Experience

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