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B2B Marketing Summit Series

Exclusively for B2B marketing leaders, Alexander Group’s B2B Marketing Summit Series provides a platform for networking, sharing insights and best practices on the latest cutting-edge topics in B2B marketing.

This is a cross-industry community of B2B marketing professionals looking to enhance and contribute their skills, knowledge and performance on various B2B marketing practices including opportunity modeling, customer persona profiling, channel mix, revenue attribution, analytics and marketing ROI.

These complimentary, quarterly events are held in-person or virtually (Note: In-person event attendance is limited and subject to availability) and focus on the value and impact of B2B marketing on business goals, vision and culture.

Topics that reflect current and future challenges and opportunities, including:

  • Segmenting and targeting ideal customers profiles and coverage using generative AI, voice of customer and opportunity modeling.
  • Determining marketing archetypes and organizational models to best suit your business goals and culture.
  • Transforming B2B marketing strategy using modern marketing insights, revenue marketing motions, and demand generation performance and investments.
  • Aligning marketing and product management compensation and incentives.
  • Optimizing digital marketing organizational models and capabilities.
  • Structuring and managing marketing talent to understand the differences and synergies between product management and product marketing.
  • Using tools, data and process to improve marketing analytics maturity and how to measure the metrics that matter.

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