Media & Consumer Technology

Navigating New Market Demands

Market Disruptions Challenge Sales Organizations to Transform

The gap between advertisers and consumers is narrowing, requiring media companies to differentiate to stay competitive. Common challenges include:

  • Emerging technologies and platforms
  • Increasing cost of capital and its impact on the future of acquisitions
  • Changing consumer preferences and behaviors
  • Evolving competition from new and established players
  • Continuing market disruptions
  • Battling to attract and retain top talent
  • Your sales organization must now include data, digital technologies and targeted sales investments to support your go-to-market strategy

Alexander Group helps companies build market competitiveness by elevating their sales organization into a focused, motivated and productive revenue growth engine.

Alexander Group Media & Consumer Technology:

How We Help

  • Drive business transformation: Digital transformation has forced media companies to adjust their business models and adapt to the new market reality. Ensure your organization has innovative revenue growth capabilities to establish and scale new go-to-market strategies. Examine customer requirements to identify and implement profit-driving tactics that optimize and balance top-line and bottom-line solutions.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Benchmarking and research enable fact-based decision-making for strategic and structural objectives. For media and consumer technology companies, benchmarking and analysis provide actionable insights that drive growth, allowing companies to adjust their go-to-market model to reflect changing demands.
  • Build and integrate digital capabilities: Navigate the evolving media and consumer technology landscape by investing in the right technologies to unlock new customers, improve profitability, and optimize Marketing, Sales and Operations resource allocation. Adjust business models by regularly reviewing and analyzing data to decide to invest resources to drive digital growth.
  • Increase sales productivity: Improving productivity contributes to higher revenue, better profit margins, a competitive edge and improved customer experiences. Ensure your team captures opportunities to maximize capacity through strategic and operational solutions. By making sales processes more efficient and effective, sales teams can close more deals in less time, leading to increased revenue and lower sales costs.
  • Maximize motivation: Recognize and prioritize your people by crafting world-class employees and compensation programs. Create a strategic advantage by unlocking individual and collective potential and enhancing motivation to reach sales goals.
  • Improve sales execution: Efficient sales execution provides companies with a competitive advantage. Incorporate the evaluation and upskilling of sales performance into the sales strategy to achieve long-term success, developing a skilled and adaptable sales team to drive revenue and growth. You will optimize sales strategies by identifying quick wins and longer-term improvements and ultimately achieve greater success.

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