Digital Strategy & Transformation

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Scope the Vision, Create the Blueprint & Execute

Building a digital revenue organization can be a daunting task. Digital leaders must make critical investments in data, processes, systems and tools. However, while these foundational elements are required, they don’t have to be implemented simultaneously.

Alexander Group helps companies optimize their investments by creating a roadmap that includes:

  • A future-state blueprint: Develop your change roadmap, mobilize your team and define your vision.
  • Priority actions & quick wins: Make near-term changes that gain buy-in and build momentum while implementing new work methods that align with your goals.
  • Focus on modernizing your go-to-customer model: Transform your demand stimulation engine with new processes and tools that fundamentally change your inside sales motions.

Three Foundations to Profitable Digital Revenue

Buyers interact with offerings long before and after the sale. As a result, companies must engage with customers at specific points within the buyer journey, requiring alignment with Marketing, Sales and Service strategies to connect when and where customers desire.

Meeting evolving customer needs requires a digital transformation strategy, including investments in the correct data, technology and enablement tools that ensure companies remain competitive in an ever-changing environment.

Your digital evolution starts with a vision of how your business will use the data, processes, systems and tools necessary to fundamentally change how your marketing, sales and service teams will engage with customers. Prioritizing change and strategic investments builds digital momentum.

Building a consistent customer engagement and effective commercial team enablement model includes three foundational elements:

  • Data: Use intent, customer relationship, enterprise, IoT, telemetry and other data to drive Marketing, Sales and Service activities.
  • Process: Bring together cross-functional teams to ideate future working methods, including integrating Marketing, Sales and Service workflows. Digital investments include e-commerce sites, eShops and customer and partner portals, changing how your workforce performs their jobs.
  • Systems & Tools: Inventory the tech stack and assess investments necessary to activate your digital model. Avoid overwhelming the business with unnecessary peripheral applications.

Companies must incorporate advanced digital behaviors that will transform their organization and help them remain competitive.

Alexander Group can help you build your digital revenue organization and leverage technology to shift how you grow revenue.

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