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Briefing Offers:

Distributor Sales Strategy Study Briefing

Leading distributors weighed in on the four key drivers that are accelerating margin pressure along with what they are doing to uncover new opportunities, integrate omni-channel models, and attract and retain sales talent.
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EMEA Manufacturing Sales Practices Study Briefing

Learn from leading companies what are the key trends, best practices and sales benchmarks for commercial sales organizations in EMEA, with a particular focus on the UK, Germany and France.
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Global Manufacturing Sales Practices Study Briefing

Digitization impacts manufacturing organizations. Discover how companies leverage an omni-channel go-to-customer approach, and address key trends and best practices among commercial manufacturing sales organizations.
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Health Insurance Sales Compensation Trends Briefing

Hear from experts which sales compensation trends are influencing leading organizations in the Health Insurance industry.
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Health Insurance Sales Pulse Survey Briefing

Those who do not adapt will be left behind. Mergers, legislative red tape, disruptive technologies and changing consumer needs have thrown the health insurance industry into a never-ending cycle of change. Explore best practices and gain actionable insights you can put to use immediately.
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Healthcare Sales Pulse Survey Briefing

Gain a competitive edge with 2019 Fortune 1000 revenue, sales and sales ops leader projections and plans in the healthcare industry.
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Healthcare Virtual Roundtable Sessions Briefing

Learn the insights and best practices senior healthcare executives shared in part one of Alexander Group’s 2019 spring roundtable series: Evolving Go-to-Customer Strategy in the Ever-Changing Healthcare Ecosystem.
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Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments Sales Pulse Survey Briefing

Commercial Leaders share their perspectives on the latest trends affecting the industry.
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Manufacturing & Distribution Virtual Roundtable Sessions Briefing

Senior manufacturing and distribution executives joined our exclusive 2019 virtual roundtables in the spring. Discover the insights and best practices they uncovered on the first two topics:

  • The CRO Role
  • Sales Strategies for Manufacturing & Distribution’s New World: Services, Solutions and IoT

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Media Ad Sales Study Briefing

Media Sales executives confirm – innovative solution selling is the only viable long-term growth strategy for media sales. Through executive interviews and collected sales performance data, five leadership mandates were identified as the key to revenue growth for 2020.
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Sales Compensation Trends Survey

Utilize the 2019 predictions from more than 80 sales departments to enhance your sales compensation program practices.
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Tech Fiscal Year-End Sales Compensation Briefing

Alexander Group’s latest research includes actionable insights and benchmarks on topics you can use in your FY planning efforts. And it has a significant emphasis on incentive compensation with XaaS selling.
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Upsell and Cross-Sell Best Practices Study Briefing

Use these valuable insights on developing post-sale revenue models, aligning job roles, expanding support programs and implementing upsell and cross-sell sales compensation practices.
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XaaS Sales Strategy Study Briefing

Executives provided critical industry go-to-customer model dynamics, best practices and industry-specific insights. These findings include industry trends, insights and frameworks on expansion growth and ILAER models, and recommendations for increasing sales performance and growth in a XaaS environment.
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