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Banking: Go-to-Market Trends and Initiatives

From the Alexander Group’s 2022 Banking Industry Study, the data shows that there is a consensus on go-to-market priorities. Explore the highlights from these findings and get the benchmarks in this comprehensive briefing.
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Corporate Services: Go-to-Market Survey Briefing

Corporate services executives in IT/Software, Professional Services, Banking & Financial Services and Healthcare shared insights into their revenue expectations for the remainder of 2022. Findings show that 90% of industry leaders were expecting aggressive returns earlier this year, but they now face uncertainty as they look to capitalize on growth opportunities.
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Digital Go-to-Customer Study Briefing

Discover the industry trends, insights and frameworks on the digital impact on revenue growth, as well as recommendations for increased sales performance and growth in a digital environment.
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Digital Insights Study Briefing

Digital means changing how companies engage with customers and enable their commercial teams. Determining where and when your customers interact with your products and solutions can impact your organization’s digital maturity and where to guide your investments.
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Healthcare Bio-Pharma Field Rep Survey Findings

New companies and novel therapies are flooding the market. Biosimilars have become a more acceptable alternative as the price of original products increase. From supply chain disruption to decreased access to HCPs and decision makers, discover the significant market dynamics bio-pharma reps are navigating and the best practices to provide them with additional support.
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Healthcare Go-to-Market Model Transformation

As the healthcare market continues to evolve, go-to-market strategies must adapt accordingly. Discover the five key levers to advance your commercial model to drive greater productivity.
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Healthcare Hospital Providers Survey

Healthcare executives, physicians and surgeons were recently surveyed to determine their views on current industry trends and investments. From staffing and supply shortages to procedure volume and interaction preferences, discover what healthcare providers are prioritizing for the new year.
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Healthcare: Marketing Trends and Investment Priorities

Over 52% of healthcare leaders are investing more in marketing. Through the use of first-party data, organizations are doubling down on advancing segmentation and targeting practices and are repositioning marketing channel activities to better leverage valuable content that is relevant and useful to customers. Discover the leading initiatives healthcare executives are executing to better integrate marketing and sales through process automation and investing in the right tools.
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Health Insurance Go-to-Customer Study Briefing

The current health insurance environment requires an increased focus on commercial transformation. With increasing costs in healthcare, the ongoing Blue Cross Blue Shield anti-trust litigation along with demands for new price transparency measures and a move to digital technologies, discover the key areas of focus as health insurance leaders rethink their go-to-market models.
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Insurance: Evolving Sales Models for Growth

Leaders of 60+ major insurance carriers provided their insights on capturing market share in an increasingly digitized industry. Discover the latest growth and compensation trends.
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Life Sciences Commercial Planning Priorities Findings

Alexander Group’s Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments’ ongoing research explores the current business environment trends that are creating unique opportunities for companies and the top priorities commercial leaders should consider as they plan for the next three to five years.
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Life Sciences: The Modern Marketing Organization

Alexander Group’s latest marketing research effort explores how life sciences and analytical instruments marketing organizations strive to apply innovative B2C marketing best practices in a B2B world. Alexander Group conducted a survey of 100+ life sciences marketing leaders to better understand what marketing priorities and investments they are implementing to take their organizations into the modern era.
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Life Sciences Industry Trends: Strategies | Insights | Metrics

As Life Sciences and Analytical Instruments commercial leaders capitalize on near-term growth, they must also evaluate the market trends that will impact progress as they plan for the next three to five years. Industry executives recently provided their perspectives on the two key imperatives they are operating under to accelerate growth and take market share.
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Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Trends Research: Strategies | Insights | Metrics

Digital investments are increasing dramatically. Innovative products are driving profitable growth but require significant changes in talent for new roles and more advanced skill sets. Adapting to new customer preferences and the 24/7 buyer journey is forcing the integration of marketing, sales and service. Is your firm keeping up with industry changes?
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Manufacturing & Distribution Productivity Drivers

Rising inflation, supply chain constraints and uncertain demand are just a few economic factors that are impacting commercial models. What drivers are manufacturers and distributors investing in to prioritize customer segments, protect margin, and maintain and grow market share?
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Marketing Insights Study

Over 150 marketing executives were interviewed to determine the marketing initiatives being prioritized to maximize customer lifetime value. From marketing roles and resource allocation to marketing mix, channels and spend, get the latest insights on where marketing leaders are investing to advance their organization’s marketing maturity.
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Media Sales Industry Trends Briefing

Recent media sales research identified five key areas that media revenue and sales leaders excel in to continue to win in an ever-changing and hyper-competitive sales environment. Insights were captured from 100+ executives across media segments including pure play digital, broadcast, print, radio, out-of-home, ad tech and more to find out what leading organizations are doing to thrive in today’s evolving landscape.
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Revenue Operations Survey Briefing

Over 200 executives in sales and revenue operations were surveyed across Business Services, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Distribution, MedTech, Health and Wellness, Media and Technology to determine the leading practices of world-class revenue operations organizations.
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Upsell and Cross-Sell Best Practices Study Briefing

Use these valuable insights on developing post-sale revenue models, aligning job roles, expanding support programs and implementing upsell and cross-sell sales compensation practices.
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XaaS Sales Compensation Briefing

Alexander Group’s latest research includes actionable insights and benchmarks on topics you can use in your planning efforts. And it has a significant emphasis on incentive compensation with XaaS selling.
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XaaS Research: Revenue Models and Productivity Briefing

Explore industry trends, insights and frameworks from top revenue leaders on expansion growth and ILAER models, and recommendations for increasing sales performance and revenue growth in a XaaS environment. How does your firm compare?
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