Case Study

Long-Term Revenue Growth Strategy with Pre- and Post-Sales Optimization Roadmap

Revenue from legacy products was in decline for a national integrated print organization. They had low but growing revenue from new high-profit offerings. However, these products required new support resources to manage workloads.

The organization needed to improve the current state pre- and post-sales support practices and create a roadmap to optimize resource deployment and processes related to future state workloads.

The Alexander Group (AGI) identified current state process bottlenecks and improvements to optimize the pre- and post-sales processes. Through sales investment and sales time allocation benchmarking, AGI leveraged headcount benchmarking and an internal media sales study to provide context and guidance towards process and headcount optimization opportunities. AGI also created and delivered a three-year initiative optimization roadmap across 17 key recommendations to transform pre- and post-sales processes and organizational structures.

The print organization reported a 10 percent reduction in pre- and post-sales support headcount. They have also initiated a three-year pre- and post-sales process optimization plan with long-term revenue growth strategy.

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