A Fortune 500 industrial manufacturing company’s functional teams (i.e., human resources, finance) were required to perform shadow operation activities due to underinvested sales operations team members. The sales operations team lacked sales enablement knowledge such as segmentation and territory design and failed to share best practices with internal team

To enable sales growth, the client needed restructuring of their divisional sales teams, an understanding of the shadow operations incumbents and total cost, a clear center of excellence structure, and rules of engagement between divisions.

The Alexander Group (AGI) developed a team design for sales operations capabilities, including a charter, structure and rules of engagement. The new operations organizational structure built in multiple investment recommendations with headcount and costing by team.

AGI also helped the client create a roadmap to further support future coverage and enablement strategies. Three workshops were conducted to transfer segmentation, coverage, enablement and sales compensation knowledge to the sales operations team members.

The client implemented the roadmap of four prioritized initiatives, including a 90-day action plan and competency responsibilities. The designs also serve as a blueprint for a global sales operations team to create universal rules of engagement and support other country operations initiatives.

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