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Open to leaders in sales, human resources, revenue operations and compensation, Alexander Group’s cross-industry Sales Compensation Community provides the latest ideas, insights and research to create high-performing sales compensation programs that align with go-to-market strategies.

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    Sales Compensation Summit
    (hosted by E-Reward)
    June 10-11, 2024
    London, UK

    Sales Compensation Tech & Media Symposium
    August 8, 2024
    New York, NY

    Sales Compensation Symposium
    August 13, 2024

    Sales Compensation Tech & Media Symposium
    August 14, 2024
    San Francisco, CA

    Sales Compensation Cross-Industry Symposium
    August 22, 2024
    Boston, MA

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It’s rewarding to realize that no matter what you sell or what industry you’re in, sales leaders across industries struggle with the same day-to-day issues, such as taking care of customers, restructuring sales organization or solving compensation issues. SVP Sales, Medical Device Manufacturer
I get to meet a lot of great people, a lot of great connections, and I’m learning from all of the challenges that they have. And also, a lot of them share- it’s kind of a safe spot. People can share whatever’s on their mind, and people share not only their successes but their failures, and that’s priceless. VP, Sales, Health Insurance Firm
Alexander Group was really helpful when I was new to the company in helping benchmark the market and help us reassess the right sales incentive compensation program that allowed me to feel comfortable that the team was being incentivized and rewarded in a way that was really in touch with what was going on in the market. SVP Sales & Operations, Media Streaming Service
We work with Alexander Group, and we’ve gotten great advice from them on our compensation plans and how to structure our sales force. I thought that I could get even more insights into how to continue to improve how I run the sales force. There are so many insights to be gained, and in addition to that, the networking is unbelievable. It’s great to share experiences with counterparts in the industry. VP, Global Sales & Channel Enablement, Life Sciences Organization
I’ve learned a lot about how to build and structure the right sales compensation model to get the right behaviors. It goes beyond just numbers and incentives. It is really richer and relays to not only my pipeline, but also the overall corporate structure. SVP, Sales, Integrated Broadcasting Firm

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