A privately held medical device innovator severely underpenetrated the market with competitors looking to join and steal market share. The company is a category leader with minimal competition due to early entry and FDA approval.

As a medical device and pharmaceutical industry leader, they desired scalable growth within the market. The company needed to add headcount across both field and managed care teams to maximize returns. This headcount allocation increases the volume of sales representatives available nation-wide while minimizing any disruption to existing business relationships.

The Alexander Group designed and developed the sizing methodology approach model where the company takes four different methods used to determine the right size for the field and managed care sales team nationwide using deciled prescriber data and opportunity models.

The company added 22 field sales and 6 managed care resources with an average disruption of less than 15%. The workloads were evenly distributed across more than 100 territories and they achieved their Q1 revenue goals. The company now had the right-size salesforce while optimizing resource allocation

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