With XaaS (Anything as a Service) recurring revenue models becoming ubiquitous across most industries and the Land to Expand sales motion becoming more prevalent, it’s now crucial for traditional sales teams to learn new plays and selling habits. The imperative for 2022 will be to drive expansion and value realization in all selling motions; upselling and cross-selling are vital to growth and creating a value chain of connected use cases provides a pathway for effective expansion selling.

Listen to Alexander Group’s recent session with Pavilion to explore the latest insights, trends and best practices to drive expansion with key topics including:
• Leveraging the eight upsell & cross-sell strategies
• Emerging coverage models, including Customer Success
• Leveraging account and customer success plans
• Role of account-based marketing & SDRs
• Sales compensation strategies

Stay abreast of the latest account growth strategies to set the stage for a winning year in 2022.

Follow along by downloading the webinar presentation here.

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