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Isaac Hausman-Alexander Group, Inc.

Isaac Hausman


Isaac Hausman is a principal in the San Francisco office and leads Alexander Group’s Consulting Services and Operations group. His passion as a business is leader driving growth and profitability through services optimization, productivity improvement and operational excellence. He has over 10 years of global consulting experience across multiple industries, helping clients drive optimization of GTM strategy, sales org productivity, customer targeting and engagement. He now supports the broader consulting organization through the development of IP, analytical tools, service delivery processes, learning programs and partnerships.

Prior to joining the Alexander Group, Isaac gained analytic experience in multiple fields. As a decision support analyst at a large hospital, he developed reports on hospital financials, healthcare statistics and medical device ROIs. As an associate with the business development team at a worldwide advertising agency, Isaac analyzed current and prospective market opportunities. Isaac holds two bachelor’s degrees from Emory University and is a WorldatWork Certified Sales Compensation Professional.