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Traditional business-to-business sales aren’t going away, but job roles and tools are changing…quickly.

Buyers form much of their decision before they engage with solution providers. They use online reviews, networks and social media to inform their opinion. They expect outcome-based purchasing and post-sales experiences. They expect to be in control.

Fortunately for B2B revenue organizations, technology can also be used to digitize your revenue growth model to deliver the buying experience customers expect. Digital transformation is impacting the revenue equation in two ways:

  • Engage: Companies must understand the buyer journey. The application of technology delivers revenue leaders the insight needed to execute high-impact revenue motions. Customers demand solution providers meet them at the right points in their buying journey with high-impact messages and decision support. Digital transformation means equipping go-to-customer models to deliver a new level of engagement.
  • Enable: To fully embrace digitalization, companies must properly train their teams on how to use technology and recruit talent with digital skills; reevaluate how to measure the business and reset productivity expectations; reevaluate incentive structures to align with the overlap between functional areas; and digitize the workflow and invest in a technology stack to support marketing, sales and service.

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This is the new world of business. Is your organization ready? It is no longer acceptable to give your sellers a playbook and send them on their way. Customers are not always following a straight, consistent path, so you need to be available to them in multiple channels.

Understanding the buyer journey and planning revenue motions around that process will help create a competitive advantage. To do this effectively, you must understand how technology and the digital era affect each phase of the Revenue Growth Model™. Alexander Group can help you assess your traditional go-to-customer model against the new customer expectations and buyer journey, develop a roadmap for digitizing revenue growth and realize tangible results.



2019/2020 Digital Go-to-Customer Study –  Participate in this study that will cover industry trends, insights and frameworks on the digital impact on revenue growth, as well as recommendations for increased sales performance and growth in a digital environment. Sign up to participate!

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Why Alexander Group?

The Alexander Group is skilled at addressing the varying and unique go-to-customer needs of all companies. Our commitment to concrete results on every client engagement will help you unlock maximum revenue growth. Now.

Research and analytics to unlock potential – Our proprietary benchmarking database of sales time, sales cost, sales compensation and other key metrics, compiled from hundreds of sales teams over decades of projects, provides analytics to assess current versus future-state potential. We will help you understand and translate insights into a competitive advantage.

Expert and experienced team – Our decades of experience has equipped us with the domain and subject matter expertise to provide expert advice and guide smart decision-making. We’ve helped multiple companies across industries successfully make large scale transitions. This experience has refined our approach to help you achieve results–on time and on budget.

Ongoing Support – Alexander Group’s team has a long history of sustained added value to our clients. These clients recognize the value in using expert 3rd party assistance to drive change more rapidly. We keep their in-house teams up to speed on trends. Best practices provide them with the support they need to meet and exceed their revenue growth objectives and make decisions with confidence.

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