Executive Roundtables & Webinars

The Alexander Group’s Executive Roundtables are a series of virtual discussions for senior sales leaders. Participants share best practices on key sales coverage topics. The discussions are interactive and limited to 12 participants. There is no cost to participate.

Growing Cloud Revenue With a Land-and-Expand Approach

The challenge:  Software sales models are ill-equipped for the type of “Expansion Selling” (i.e., growth after initial sale) needed in the Cloud world. Software leaders focus on closing with expensive hunters and specialists, and typically spend less than 5 percent of their budget on post-sale management.

However, in the Cloud pay-as-you-go world, sales leaders must manage revenue and growth over time. Current Software sales roles, talent and metrics are not aligned for this.

The emerging solution:  Successful cloud sales models are aligning post-sale roles, processes and sales compensation to specific “expansion” strategies—and often rethinking the limits of the sales function in the process.

As a result, they invest 3-4X more in post-sales headcount than traditional Software, and up to 15-20 percent of their sales budget. Bottom line: Winning cloud companies are investing heavily and smartly in post-sales roles and growth strategies.

New Cloud-Focused Executive Roundtables:
Marc Metzner, Vice President, Alexander Group, will lead a best practices executive discussion on:

  • Creating new, more aligned sales strategies for cloud account expansion
  • Deploying new post-sale sales and support roles, against key segments
  • Defining rules of engagement for multiple post-sale plays
  • Challenging sacred cows around sales vs. customer service functions
  • Driving focus on the full buyer journey in process, culture and roles

Roundtable participants ask questions, share insights and take away valuable approaches for immediate use. Contact us today for information on the next roundtable series.