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Recent Roundtables:

Digital Transformation: A Watershed Moment
Learn how leading revenue organizations have fast-forwarded their move to digital in light of the current environment and a remote work environment.
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Healthcare: The Changing Buyer Journey
Alexander Group Healthcare leaders and executives discussed the latest Commercial and Provider Survey insights.
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Health Insurance: Priorities for 2021
With the new work-from-home environment, discover what programs your buyers need as they make their benefit selections for 2021.
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Life Sciences: Annual Planning
Industry leaders discussed how to ensure structure and management levers are calibrated to deliver financial objectives.
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Manufacturing & Distribution: Optimizing Go-to-Market Approach for New and Strategic Offerings
Dive into the latest strategies, trends and changes with leaders in manufacturing and distribution.
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Media Sales: MAC Sessions
The Media Advisory Council sessions provide an outlet to discuss contemporary issues and key imperatives facing the media landscape. Hear from executive discussions from past sessions in a briefing.
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Retail Sales Compensation Imperatives for 2020
As digital transformations continue to disrupt legacy business models, customer experiences will become more personal, and only those retailers that keep pace will survive. Request a briefing today and gain insight on this topic.
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Technology: XaaS Big Rocks for 2021
What will sales & strategy leaders do next to ensure valuation growth in 2021? Hear how revenue leaders are using leading practices and strategies to increase new customer acquisitions and expand customer lifetime value based on findings from Alexander Group’s recent XaaS Research.
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