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Recent Roundtables:

Digital Transformation: Sales Imperatives for the Digital Revolution
The current digital revolution is permanently changing the sales function at many American companies. Firms that adapt to this new reality will increase share in their segment and thrive…while firms that don’t, will fade away.
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Healthcare: Go-to-Customer Model
The go-to-customer strategy is evolving in the ever-changing healthcare ecosystem. Assess your strategy and learn takeaway insights from executive leader discussions.
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Manufacturing & Distribution: New Buyer Journey and Sales Productivity
Gain actionable insights on topics such as the CRO culture and new buyer journey dynamics; solving the complexities of a solution-selling model; sales compensation – alignment between seller pay and performance.
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Media Sales: MAC Sessions
The Media Advisory Council sessions provide an outlet to discuss contemporary issues and key imperatives facing the media landscape. Hear from executive discussions from past sessions in a briefing.
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Technology: Growing XaaS Revenue Through Land-and-Expand
Many companies’ sales models are ill-equipped for the “expansion selling” needed in the XaaS world. Sales leaders must grow account revenue over time, Learn how sales roles, talent and metrics can align to this goal.
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