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March 4, 2020  |  2:00-3:30 EST

It is a new decade, one that will prove to be filled with change in the world of retail. As digital transformations continue to disrupt legacy business models, customer experiences will become more personal, and only those retailers that keep pace will survive. Forward-looking leaders are racing to adapt their store operations to win in this new world.

As new formats are being launched and employees are asked to execute new and different tasks, sales compensation will be a powerful management lever helping companies navigate these exciting times. In this facilitated virtual roundtable, participants will engage in a discussion on Alexander Group’s Four Retail Sales Compensation Imperatives for 2020.

  • Align plans with store strategy
  • Ensure plans reinforce job intent
  • Design plans that nurture culture
  • Operate an agile and adaptable program

Join us for a thoughtful discussion and actionable takeaways.

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