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The pharmaceutical sales force of the future

Consumer-centric models are revolutionizing traditional sales roles for pharmaceutical companies. In times of industry turbulence, the days of “follow industry norms” is not sustainable.

Effective leaders within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry recognize that historically successful, physician-focused solutions may no longer be sufficient.

Ensuring patient access to care now demands a more sophisticated and flexible commercial model focused on identifying and addressing customer needs – in other words, a more customer-centric approach.

The most successful customer-centric organizations, regardless of industry, exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Awareness to recognize gaps in current resources and competencies
  • Commitment to building the skills and support systems necessary to execute effectively
  • Ability to collaborate with customers to define mutually beneficial solutions
  • Courage to try, and sometimes fail, at testing innovative ideas

For the pharmaceutical industry, this means gaining expertise typically found in more traditional business-to-business selling models (e.g., key account management, inside sales execution) to go alongside today’s clinical expertise.

Survey Report:  Learn about The Alexander Group’s survey of sales comp trends focused on the US Pharmaceutical / Biotech industry. The International readout is also available.

The Alexander Group will help expedite and orchestrate your journey to a customer-centric organization by challenging you to innovate and see your issues through a new, cross-industry lens. We will work with you to confirm unique customer needs and design, deploy and execute on the most effective go-to-market strategy for this challenging business environment.

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