Executive conversations from Alexander Group’s May and June 2011 Chief Sales Executive Summit events show how sales leaders are making smart moves to support their transformation to a customer motivated sales culture. In this time of doing more with less, these executives are using smart investments to bolster their value selling strategies in 2011 without breaking the bank.

Highlights of these conversations included wisdom on:

  1. Where to stop wasting money: From getting aggressive with sub-par reps, to finding alternative coverage solutions for under-performing territories, to innovative solutions to help sales talent make the best use of their selling time, all these executives had great ideas for cutting waste from sales budgets.
  2. Where to re-invest the money you save: When it’s time to re-invest, these leaders also shared their tactics for finding low cost ways to discover value by mining the field for insight from their best sellers, teaming executives with the top-gun talent and really listening to what their customers really want. They also advocate more significant investment in sellers with vision and talent, technology to help these sellers perform more efficiently, invest in coaching and provide tools to build high-impact proposals to C-Suite buyers.

Sales organizations that believe in sales value vigilance, where everyone connected with the customer looks for opportunity to add value, and sales leaders with the courage to drive change will continue to grow. Neither of these characteristics represents much out of pocket cost on the income statement, yet each is central to finding and implementing ways to add value to customers. Squeeze the discount mentality out of your culture. Make value selling a central component of your sales strategy. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big difference.

Download the full report here.

For access to more of these conversations, insights and opportunity to network with hundreds of other sales leaders, don’t miss Alexander Group’s 2011 Chief Sales Executive Forum, November 2 – 4.

Learn more about Alexander Group’s current Chief Sales Executive Forum.


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