Recent Alexander Group (AGI) posts have addressed the challenges of running a key function – sales operations – and the sales operations imperative to  “tell the right story” to drive the right investments, supporting tools and infrastructure.

AGI believes that the demands placed on sales operations continue to evolve. Sales operations teams need a clear road map to operate at this elevated level of expectation. To this end, AGI has commissioned a study to analyze trends in sales operations across industries and companies to understand various aspects of the sales operations function.

Sales operations leaders who participate in the survey will receive a detailed complimentary report that examines the following topics:

  • Sales Operations Definition and Accountabilities – Responsibilities typically owned by sales operations organizations.  Understand: How should you evolve your sales operations function?
  • Structure, Functions, Ratios – Prevalent sales operations organization design, including headcount ratios and team deployment.  Learn: How is sales operations organized and what are average ratios you should compare against?
  • Investments – Where sales operations organizations are planning to make enhancements and key investments.  Decide: Where should your precious sales operations investment dollars go?
  • Tools – The most and least common sales operations tools and methodologies.  Compare: Which tools are gaining traction and which are losing steam?
  • Challenges – The biggest challenges your sales operations peers are tackling today and tomorrow.  Evaluate:  Are you in good company tackling similar issues or addressing leading-edge issues that others have not yet faced?

We welcome you to join us in this first annual Sales Operations Trends Survey to leverage these insights and inform your sales operations evolution. If you are not a sales operations leader, but feel this information would be helpful, please share the survey link with the appropriate sales operations leader at your company.

Participate in the 2016 Sales Operations Trends Survey.

Learn more about the Alexander Group’s perspectives on sales operations or schedule a briefing with one of our practice leaders.

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Arshad Carim and Matt Greenstein are Alexander Group’s Sales Operations practice leaders.
Alex Tolmasoff, a consultant in the San Francisco office, contributed to this article.

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