2021 Sales Pulse Survey

What Are Revenue Leaders Saying?

Alexander Group’s 2021 Sales Pulse Survey is now open!

Through multiple surveys, dozens of virtual events and client work, Alexander Group has heard from hundreds of executives about how they are not just managing but laying the groundwork for growth during this unprecedented period. From accelerated investments in digital technologies, re-prioritization of marketing, sales and service investments, and changes to management programs such as sales compensation, you can find insights on these learnings as well as practical advice for managing through times of disruption here.

What’s in store as the calendar moves towards 2021? Join senior revenue, sales and operations executives as they assess their plans for the coming year. Alexander Group’s 2021 Sales Pulse Survey covers crucial sales and revenue leadership topics including:

  • 2021 Sales/Revenue Growth Objectives & Strategies
  • Projected Changes in Marketing, Sales and Service Expenses
  • Projected Changes in Costs & Headcount
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Virtual Selling
  • Digital and Other Customer Investment Priorities

As a participant, you will receive the Sales Pulse Survey Report which will feature insights on growth objectives, investments being made to achieve those objectives, timeframe for expected return to normalcy, expected changes in sales costs, headcount and roles, as well as findings on how learnings during the COVID-19 crisis will be carried forward.

Take the survey today or share with a member of your team!

For more insights and an opportunity to engage directly with other revenue leaders, request your invitation to Alexander Group’s Virtual Executive Forum November 18th and 19th! Learn more.

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