This Fortune 500 global manufacturing company had no common approach for people management. The complexity of the sale had increased and their global account management process was underdeveloped. Customers were demanding more, and a more codified sales approach was needed.

The manufacturing company wanted to develop a coordinated and consistent sales process applicable across all customers worldwide. In addition, they needed to create a repeatable and recognizable coaching process with meeting cadence and clear expectations.

The Alexander Group, Inc. (AGI) completed an assessment of the existing sales process and account management tools. After review, AGI facilitated design sessions to create sales process and leadership coaching playbooks with the company’s sales leaders. AGI created the following:

  • OEM Sales Process Playbook: a 7-stage global sales process that provides clarity to OE global sales, including activities and detailed steps on how to complete
  • Leadership Coaching Playbook: Outlines cadence of meetings and activities for front-line sales managers to successfully develop their teams and run their business

With the guidance of AGI, this manufacturing company created job role clarity through development of a clearly-defined global sales process and rules of engagement, and clarified the role of front-line sales manager through creation of a robust coaching playbook. As a result, the global approach and customer experience has improved.

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