In today’s fast-changing technology revenue environment, it is critical to understand go-to-customer model dynamics associated with maximizing shareholder value.

Companies that grow profitably capture a disproporationate share of market valuation compared to their peers. Join Alexander Group’s latest XaaS research opportunity. Learn about leading-edge practices that separate top technology executives from their peers. See how your company compares to benchmarks for over 30 metrics across bookings, cost, headcount and sales compensation. The research builds on prior studies, along with insights from 90+ recent client engagements.

Research Focus

  • Initiatives for the next 18 months: Discover focus areas around growth, profitability and risk mitigation to continue to win in today’s hyper-competitive environment
  • New Account Acquisition: Understand changing buyer behaviors and expectations to drive new logo acquisition by balancing marketing and sales
  • The Role of Customer Success: Learn how the role of Customer Success is evolving to drive adoption, renewal, and, in many cases, expansion
  • COVID-19 and Impact on Long-Term Planning: Uncover innovative practices that companies are implementing to cope with and win in response to COVID-19

2020 XaaS Research - Technology - The Alexander Group, Inc.

Key Metrics

Our XaaS research provides in-depth benchmarks on sales compensation, roles and headcount, bookings, cost and productivity.

XaaS Benchmark Metrics - Technology - The Alexander Group, Inc.


How to Participate

Participation is free of charge and your submitted data will remain confidential. By participating, you will receive a complimentary custom report, presented by an Alexander Group Technology practice leader. If you are interested, please contact us.


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