Post-Acquisition Sales Effectiveness Assessment

Growth through acquisitions had benefited the top-line of a media entertainment and technology company but hindered the development of an organic and unified sales culture. The client needed to objectively assess their go-to-customer model and identify targeted areas of optimization that would lead to either 1) revenue uptick or 2) cost savings. Executive leadership recognized that disparate approaches and programs were hurting both the top as well as the bottom line. In addition, they required the creation of best-in-class sales compensation governance structure that would provide their team with the self-sufficiency needed to manage the evolution of the model (new roles) over time.

The Alexander Group identified organizational gaps within their sales strategy, structure and management. The assessment led the client to redesign sales jobs, implement an entire sales compensation designed to drive a greater pay for performance culture, and introduce a governance model to align business units.

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Insight type: Video

Industry: Media Sales

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Sales Process, Strategy

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