‭Due to a dramatic shift in the economic environment and associated buying behaviors, a global multi-billion dollar industrial manufacturer sought the help of the Alexander Group to identify target opportunities and create new route to customer models. Company value propositions and customer segments no longer reflected their unique buying needs. Legacy sales models and  generalist sales roles did not allow for focus on key opportunities and lacked strategic  alignment. Further, sales compensation plans did not drive behaviors for unique roles.

This manufacturer needed more precise customer segmentation and an account-level share-of-wallet opportunity model to identify high potential opportunities. Aligning job roles and sales compensation plans to the new model and creating effective sales enablement tools, including playbooks would operationalize the new strategy in a revenue compressed environment.

The Alexander Group conducted interviews, time studies and global design sessions spanning five continents. They created customer segmentation, coverage and share-of-wallet opportunity models for each global region to identify account-level target opportunities. The share-of-wallet opportunity model incorporates firmographic data to identify the highest potential opportunities in all territories. To maintain a common strategy vision and approach, the Alexander Group redesigned global compensation plans and created customer leadership and seller playbooks for each new role. Manager and seller playbooks are easy-to-use guidelines for consistent, global, best-in-class coaching, business, and people management. Alongside the client, AGI developed a clear roadmap and the proper support functions to ensure successful world-wide adoption accelerated the global implementation in four months.

The manufacturer’s sales model has been successfully implemented worldwide and sellers are now focused on the highest potential opportunities in each territory. Internal competing strategies no longer interfere with a unified approach for where to invest in a challenging global environment.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: International, Strategy

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