What does the go-to-customer mandate mean to revenue-focused executive teams?

That is the theme over 250 top sales executives and revenue leaders recently explored at Alexander Group’s annual premier sales leadership conference. Revenue leaders know that in this world “markets” don’t buy anything; customers do! The mandate is to find these new buyers and build the means to influence them. Our expert lineup of 26 speakers and panelists from industries spanning technology, media, medical, business services and manufacturing provided key insights on what they are doing to accomplish this mandate.

During the conference, we identified the six strategic vectors to follow for the go-to-customer mandate:

  1. Calibrate Sales Activity With the New Buyer Journey
  2. Harness Digital Technology
  3. Instill Agility
  4. Help Customers Serve Their Customers
  5. Show Customers Their Future
  6. Infuse Sales Organizations With Purpose

In the age of empowered and demanding customers, the sales function is key to executing strategy and growing the revenue. Download the whitepaper to read key insights about these six strategies and how you can apply them to your organization.

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