A private equity-backed SaaS company experienced slowing sales growth due to an imbalance between inbound and outbound sales motions as well as an homogenous sales process applied to all segments and account types.

Increase seller productivity by 15-25 percent without major go-to-customer strategy changes.

Alexander Group (AGI) established a sales advisory committee of top performers to codify prospecting and discovery best practices to improve new hire ramp time. Collaboration with segment leaders identified ways to customize sales stages, activities and exit criteria specific to their segment. AGI also developed an account-targeting index directing sellers to accounts with the highest propensity to buy.

The company is experiencing bookings momentum and strong seller morale, particularly in its mid-market segment post-FY18 launch. They have faster deal velocity and win rates through improved buyer and account discovery. Finally, the stacked-ranked accounts are enabling
sellers to target and pursue the right opportunities ultimately improving outbound productivity.

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