The recent Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) delivered impressively for the industry enthusiasts in attendance. Alexander Group was on hand to gain a better understanding of media companies’ priorities this year, what trends and technologies are taking hold, and how we can help companies succeed in this environment.


Arguably the biggest focus in the foreseeable future may be screen agnostic video content. This is the concept of designing any app or program to operate across systems without the need for major overhauls. It allows content to be distributed across all digital devices, functioning seamlessly on any screen, while being identifiable as part of a connected marketing campaign.

Publishers across integrated broadcast and pure-play digital are changing the way they host content in order to keep up with evolving audience demand. How will this trend affect companies’ go-to-customer strategy? How will they effectively deploy resources to meet customer demands? How does this affect sales compensation planning?

In the following podcast, specifically at 1:13, Tim describes how broadcast is accommodating consumer choice by providing subscription video on demand. Yang and Tim note how broadcast and pure-play digital entities are innovatively handling market changes and how these changes are going to affect their go-to-customer models.

Episode 7: Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show

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Tim Meuschke is a manager in Alexander Group’s Stamford office.

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