At the 2015 Chief Sales Executive Forum, keynote speaker Gus Blanchard, senior vice president of Sales at ADP, took us on his journey of success and the transformation within his sales organization.

Some highlights:

  • Momentum – Create the “wow” factor for your sales team. Start by improving morale, drive performance and accelerate innovation. Re-engage your sellers with a fun culture and celebrate their achievements. Encourage leaders to become coaches with useful webinars and training that presents an imaginative message.
  • Transform – The most important trait for sales is a sense of urgency. Become part of the path with reinvented campaigns, new tools and ease of doing business. Utilize your HR department as they are now driving business outcomes.

Tell your sales story with interactive buyer experiences. The transformation of products & services, or even your sales organization, starts with being programmatic, creating culture and engagement, and striving for the wow factor and innovation.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates Gus’s presentation. Enjoy!

We look forward to sharing more visual notes of other keynote presentations from the 2015 CSE Forum in the coming weeks.

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