kingmanink_alexandergroup_carli-250Maurizio Carli, executive vice president of worldwide sales with VMware, delivered a keynote address at the 2016 Chief Sales Executive Forum in which he shared his views on industry transformation and the factors that drive growth in today’s marketplace.

Key points included:

  • Embrace Digital Transformation–Digital models are displacing traditional business models. While security remains a top concern as sales organizations automate their business systems, sales leaders need to embrace and leverage digital technology.
  • Anticipate Go-to-Market Transformation–Customers are more knowledgeable. Competition is more intense. So companies in all industries are enriching their product portfolios to enhance their value proposition. And they are transforming how they bring these products to market with deeper specialization, more teaming across functions like marketing and product development and improved channel partners and programs. Executing such a transformation requires balance between running the short-term plan to make the numbers while investing to enhance long-term capabilities.
  • Welcome Change–The essence of sales is to help customers understand why they need a company’s product. See the world through the customer’s eyes. Embrace change, innovation and risk in the name of helping customers solve problems by using your products more effectively. If you do this, customers will see the value you bring.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates Maurizio’s presentation in a most innovative way. We hope you enjoy it!

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