Case Study

EMEA Sales Force Preparation for Launch

A rapidly growing medical device company had just received core product approval for reimbursement in Germany. The company needed to rapidly align their newly purchased distribution company with their own revenue growth strategy to capture the window of growth opportunity.

This medical device company needed to align the newly purchased distributor with the U.S. parent company quickly. To make this happen successfully, EMEA leadership recognized that it must define a short- and long-term external roadmap. This roadmap should include a deployment plan that minimizes customer disruption, sales compensation practices and philosophy that aligns with U.S. standards, and commercial readiness risks to eliminate potential problem areas.

Alexander Group reviewed the company’s sizing, deployment and sales compensation. Alexander Group worked with the leadership team to size the sales force based on third party opportunity data to fit projected growing demand. Alexander Group modeled short- and long-term sales territories; sales compensation plans were created to drive growth in new coverage areas. Alexander Group identified critical areas of focus for commercial leadership and operations during the launch phase to ensure readiness and reduce launch risk where possible.

The Alexander Group worked with the company’s leadership team to accomplish the following:
• Create future-oriented deployment and sales compensation plans for the growing sales team
• Design launch-appropriate sales compensation plans
• Identify strategic EMEA commercial imperatives for FY17

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