The go-to-customer model of a systems integrator company was shifting from hardware-based to a services-based. The company required guidance and expertise on how to best manage the evolution of customer-facing roles toward an ILAER (Identify – Land – Adopt – Expand – Renew) model to drive growth and productivity while minimizing cost. The regions managed sales compensation plans independently, leading to inefficiency at a global level.

The company looked to confirm coverage map and role responsibility across the model and to drive global consistency in the sales compensation framework.

To assist the company, the Alexander Group (AGI) conducted a global assessment of current plan designs by gathering qualitative information through interviews from leaders across all regions to confirm coverage map and identify gaps in the global comp structure. AGI also developed a global compensation design framework to help drive consistency between regional plan designs with goalposts and options for performance metrics. During this design, AGI provided expertise and best practice to guide designs and create buy in with senior regional leadership to ensure execution. The project culminated in a global compensation workshop co-led by AGI to finalize decisions with all regional leadership for in-country implementation.

The company used the assessment data to identify key gaps in the go-to-customer model, setting the foundation for defining coverage. They obtained alignment from all regions on the global compensation design framework, approved at a CEO- and board-level for regional design. Results will be compared across regions moving forward to understand the most impactful design elements in each regional plan for implementation globally.

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Insight type: Case Study

Industry: Technology

Role: C-Suite, HR/Sales Compensation

Topic: International, Sales Comp

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