Joe Robinson, senior vice president of health systems solutions at Philips North America, joins the Alexander Group’s 2017 Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum as a keynote speaker. In a recent podcast interview, Gary Tubridy, senior vice president of the Alexander Group, interviewed Joe about aligning internal processes with a focus on seamless care of patients and his participation at the Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum in November.

Health care in the United States is changing. Barriers still exist, but progress occurs daily. Health care systems offer patients cheaper in-home treatment and reduced hospital stays using predictive care management tools that didn’t exist a few decades ago. As Joe mentions in his interview, Philips has been working with their clients to break down barriers, remove complexities and deliver an entirely different approach to health care based on innovation, transformation and co-creation.

In his keynote, Joe will share his experience leading fundamental change needed to implement a winning go-to-customer strategy in a complex organization. Philips is now re-shaping culture, becoming solution-centric, developing talent and aligning internal processes with a focus on seamless care. The Alexander Group will preface this keynote address with a preview of early findings and growth strategies from the 2018 Sales Pulse Survey.

Listen to Joe’s podcast interview to hear how solutions across a continuum of care that focus on long-term strategic partnerships drive Joe and his team to deliver better integrated solutions that address health care challenges.

Register now to reserve your spot at the 2017 Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum to hear more from Joe Robinson and a diverse roster of keynote speakers, executive panelists and roundtable facilitators.

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