Developing your growth strategy is important. However your strategy is only as good as its execution. The Alexander Group (AGI) recently helped a leading health care company activate their sales and marketing transformation to drive growth in an established and steady market.

Phase 1 of this sales transformation focused on strategy activation through a specialized blueprint and roadmap (1:03). AGI helped the sales team improve focus, define customer touchpoints, determine future-state workload and headcount sizing, and provide best-in-class CRM practices. Phase 2 was the detailed design and implementation of the transformation (2:01). As part of the territory design process, AGI facilitated a complex segmentation model. The model called for a shift from a geography-based territory alignment to an account-based alignment. To support adoption of this new model, AGI worked with the client to develop key communication materials and tools.

Using this two-phased process, the company successfully aligned their goals to a new strategy, achieved project deadlines and experienced a year-over-year increase in revenue.

Turn Your Growth Strategy Into a Reality

For more information about how Alexander Group can help you with your organization’s sales and marketing transformation, please contact our Healthcare practice leaders.

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Industry: Healthcare, Medical Device

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

Topic: Strategy

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