100+ healthcare company leaders to share insights, actions and investments being made to achieve 2021 growth objectives.

Healthcare leaders are seeking new and effective commercial actions to successfully engage customers, help them meet the needs of their patients, and keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare buyer journey.

Participate in our 2021 Healthcare Commercial Trends: Strategies | Insights | Metrics study to see how you compare across a comprehensive set of benchmarks to a select and relevant group of your peers.

The 2021 edition of our research will focus on how commercial leaders within various segments of healthcare, including Medical Device and Diagnostics, Biotech/Pharma and Healthcare Technology and Service Providers are looking to adjust commercial actions to emerge from recent disruption to meet 2021 objectives. The research will provide the latest industry insights, benchmarks and best practices as they relate to leading-edge trends, commercial roles, growth drivers, investment profiles and sales compensation.

2021 Research Themes and Metrics:

While there is no fee to participate, we do require participants to complete a benchmarking template and provide access to the appropriate commercial leader(s) for a brief interview. All participants will receive a customized report benchmarking their firm to the aggregated data in their respective and relevant healthcare sub-segment.

Next Steps

Participation is open! Interested organizations can sign up for the Healthcare Commercial Trends research simply by completing the online form. An Alexander Group healthcare practice lead will then be in contact with you to discuss details, timing and scheduling. Get started today!

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