Book Cover - Revenue Growth in a Digitized World - Alexander Group, Inc.Technology-driven innovation and the next generations are transforming the way corporations evolve their go-to-customer models and the solutions they deliver. As industries grow increasingly saturated with newcomers and traditional sales models get disrupted, modern organizations must face the challenge of adapting their growth strategies to this new reality in order to survive.

The introduction of digital capabilities has altered the healthcare ecosystem and created a new buyer journey. With a seemingly unlimited number of resources at their fingertips 24/7/365, today’s patients and providers are seeking a much deeper level of engagement on the part of companies as they navigate through their decision-making process. From social channels to online reviews, modern buyers expect to find answers to their questions rapidly. This ease of access to information from sources outside of the organization forces companies into a non-stop pursuit to ensure a positive and robust presence everywhere a potential treatment decision may be made, whether this leads to a hard close or to a simple nudge down the purchase path.

Chief Executive Group and Alexander Group surveyed nearly 400 CEOs and business leaders on their future growth strategy and their readiness to adapt to the new marketplace. This whitepaper presents those findings.

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