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A global industrial manufacturing company had an effective distribution-focused sales model, but needed an improved structure with focused incentives and rewards. Their mid-tier end users were declining and many legacy distributors did not provide sufficient value.

The manufacturer needed to hold distribution partners accountable for a specific role and objectives. Improvements in distribution program structure and distributor accountabilities would address the decline at mid-tier end users, as well as other issues. An industrial distribution guide that can be executed by other divisions within company was required for efficiency.

The Alexander Group assessed the company’s current segments, coverage approach and distribution program. Key end users were declining and an adjustment to distribution approach was needed to focus the sales team and distribution partners. The Alexander Group developed a step-by-step guide, supported by tools and templates, on how to design a complete industrial distribution program. The industrial distribution design guide is a sequential process on how to develop and implement a world-class indirect channel model for manufacturing.

Since the assessment, select sections have been implemented for the client division that worked with the Alexander Group. The industrial distribution design guide has been utilized to focus the distribution strategy of the company’s sister business units.

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